RamDisk Plus


Create a virtual drive from your RAM memory


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It is possible to create memory drives with part of the RAM memory of your computer, using it as a mass storage system like any other local unit, with the added benefit that integrated memory modules are much faster than traditional magnetic disks, and even faster than modern SSD flash disks. RamDisk Plus is a tool you can use to create this type of RAM disk.

RamDisk Plus lets you create as many RAM disks as you have room for, where you can store any type of file. The size of the units you create will depend on the available space of your RAM, but they can be up to 4GB. You can set all the information in the disk to load at startup, such that, unlike how this kind of memory is typically used, it won't be volatile.

As with other types of hard drives, you won't have to choose a specific format when importing files, so you can store anything from simple data files to temporary files in order to browse the Internet faster.

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